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In addition to our line of premium window films, we sell a comprehensive collection of attractive and affordable window fashions. Our selection of window coverings from Century Blinds includes beautifully crafted wood blinds, sleek, modern roller shades, reasonably priced and durable faux wood blinds, elegant Roman shades, sophisticated sheer shades, stylish honeycomb shades as well as classic 1” aluminum and vertical blinds.

Wise Windows - Tint and Blinds Wise Windows - Tint and Blinds  Wise Windows - Tint and Blinds



Custom Wood Shutters

Wise Windows Tinting, Blinds and ShadesFeatures of Wood Shutters
• Warm and Welcoming
• Furniture Quality Construction
• Good Light Control
• Frame and Style Options 
• Paint or Stain Match
• Custom-made in the USA
• Price Range - $$$$-$$$$$

Wise Windows Tinting, Blinds and ShadesPlantation shutters are one of the luxury products in custom window coverings. Wise Windows carries only premium quality, custom made North American Basswood Shutters manufactured in the USA. We do not sell imported or poly shutters. We only sell high-quality custom made wood shutters. Wood shutters are simply better: Stronger in construction, lighter in weight and offer far more option choices than poly shutters. Nothing beats the look and feel of real wood shutters. Our wood shutters are available with 3 ½” and 4 ½” louvers, several frame styles, specialty shapes and unlimited color options with paint and stain color matching available.

Wood shutters are considered by many people to be the best of all window covering. They are prized for their rich warm appearance. They are said to add value to a home and save energy but the best reason to buy wood shutters is to complete the look and feel you want. Shutters provide some privacy and have some insulation value, but the main reason to buy wood shutters is the richness, warmth and architectural beauty they add to a home. Any energy savings or higher resale price you may get is a value added bonus.

Wise Windows Tinting, Blinds and ShadesPeople ask us why we don’t sell poly shutters. The answer is quality. Poly shutters don’t meet our standards of quality, and we won’t sell or install anything in your home that we wouldn’t put in ours. Faux shutters are cheap imitations and we don’t sell anything we don’t believe in. Our guiding principles include offering only the best quality, best value products from leading manufacturers. The decision to exclude Poly from our product mix is easy when considering quality, value and price. Huge quality differences exist between faux-wood and real Basswood shutters. Poly shutters are visibly inferior in construction, lack the structural integrity of real wood, are less attractive in appearance and cost about the same as real Basswood. The slightly lower price difference does not justify the big step down in quality. Basswood shutters are superior to all shutters constructed from plastic, polymer or composite resin-based materials.



Horizontal Blinds are the best selling window covering for quality, appearance and value.

Horizontal Blinds

Wise Windows - Tinting and BlindsFeatures of Wood Blinds
• Natural Beauty of Wood
• Durable
• Superior Light Control
• Outstanding Privacy
• Available in Paint or Stain Colors
• Price Range ($$-$$$)

Horizontal blinds are the most popular selling products in custom made-to-measure window coverings. They are the best selling product because they are durable, affordable and they can complement any décor. They work as a stand alone product or can be dressed up with fabric accents. The classic look easily blends with draperies and other fabric treatments to create unique and impressive styles.

Horizontal blinds are grouped into three main categories: Real wood, faux wood and aluminum. Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsThe construction of real wood and faux wood blinds is identical. The only differences between real and faux wood is the material used for the slats, and the number of cords running through the slats used to hold them in the horizontal position. The poly material used in the slats of faux blinds is heavier than real wood and requires additional cords for support. Both residential and commercial customers choose horizontal blinds for appearance, performance and value.

Wise Windows Tinting and blindsHorizontal blinds are available in several slat sizes and materials. The slats are the part of the blind you see that open and close by rotating or lifting. They range in size from 1” to 3” in width. Horizontal blinds offer customers considerable light control by rotating the slats to adjust the light entering a building through the windows. Horizontal blinds are a good choice for light control, appearance and value.


Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsWood Blinds

The main attractiveness of wood blinds is the look and warm feel of real wood. Being made from natural hardwood, wood blinds have a handsome, unique look. Due to the nature of wood, they will have some variation in color, texture and natural markings. These are common characteristics of natural products and add to their warmth and distinctiveness.

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsWood blinds are a classic choice in window décor. They compliment many interior design styles and furnishings. They are durable, lightweight, and come in a range of colors that can tie in with any room color. They are reasonably priced and stand up to heavy usage. Two-inch wood blinds are the most popular size and a nice choice for most window sizes in homes and offices.

They provide good light control and privacy and come with an elegant decorative valance as a standard feature for added beauty. North American Basswood is used for the slats because of its attractive grain and ability to accept paint and stain. Fabric Ladder tapes can be added to enhance the look and improve privacy and light control. Slatscome in 2”, 2 1/2” and 3” widths and an attractive assortment of, as many as, 18 paints and stain colors.


Faux Wood Blinds

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Features of Faux Wood Blinds

• Look of Real wood Blinds
• Very Durable
• Easy to Clean
• Many Color and Style Choices
• Price Range ($$)


Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsFaux Wood blinds are a money saving alternative to real wood blinds. They are also available in a wide variety of colors, textures and wood tones that give you many options and the look of wood at a fraction of the cost. They are available in 2, 2 ½ or 3 inch wide slats. Wider slats offer a slightly better view through the blind, and may look better on larger windows. With as many as 24 color and texture options and a very affordable price, faux wood blinds are a favorite for customers who want a nice look and a bargain price.

Faux wood blinds are neat and easy to clean. The slats are constructed of weather resistance made man materials. They are built with the same premium quality components used in our wood blinds. The differences between faux wood and real wood blinds are the materials used for the slats, the extra ladders used to support the additional weight of the slats, and a good bit lower price point.


Aluminum Blinds

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Features of Aluminum blinds

• Light Weight
• Easy to Clean
• Durable
• Excellent Light Control
• Superior Privacy
• Many Color Choices
• Price Range – ($)


Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsAluminum blinds are an attractive, low cost window covering. They have a classic, clean-lined versatile look that can work in nearly any room. They are inexpensive, easy to clean, very durable, and can last a lifetime.

If you need window coverings at an economical price, aluminum blinds are one of the best window coverings you can find. On their own or layered with drapery, they are a treatment that you can count on for years to come. Aluminum blinds provide outstanding privacy and are excellent at blocking out light. They are very light weight and offer excellent light control by either rotating or raising the slats. You will be sure to find a blind that is right for your home or office with choice of either 1” or 2” slat sizes and over 20 color choices.

Vertical Blinds

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Features of Vertical Blinds

• Durable
• Easy to Clean
• Excellent Light Control
• Outstanding Privacy Control
• Many Color and Styles
• Price Range ($-$$$)

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsVertical blinds are a popular choice for sliding glass doors and large windows. Vertical blinds are versatile, reasonably priced and provide excellent light control. They go well wherever you want to preserve your view to the outside as the vanes stack tight to the side out of the line of sight. The vanes can also be rotated to protect privacy and block direct light that can result in sun damage of your interior. Our vertical blinds from Century Blinds are made of the premium quality components and materials with all the newest safety features. We have a huge selection of vane patterns, materials, and colors that fit any home, office or store front. The wide range of vane choices ensures you will find a pattern that will fit your style.



Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsThere are many types of window shades: Honeycomb Shades, Roller Shades, Woven Woods, Roman and Sheer Shades. Shades are pricier than blinds, but blinds don’t compare to the look of a Woven Wood or Honeycomb Shade. The biggest reason for the price difference is mainly the cost of the fabrics and exotic materials that go into making shades.

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsShades are more decorative, delicate, and more elegant than blinds. The materials are softer and give a rich warm feel to rooms. Shades are a more sophisticated product and can be very impressive. The natural materials of Woven Wood Shades or the elegance of a Sheer Shade can’t be compared to wood blinds or shutters. Consider our selection of beautiful window shades.

Honeycomb Shades

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Features of Honeycomb Shades

• Elegant Style
• Great Insulator
• Exceptional Privacy
• Good Light Control
• Price Range ($$-$$$$)

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Honeycomb shades are the perfect combination of grace and efficiency. They are among the prettiest, softest window shades you can buy. This line of soft, attractive fabric shade comes with sharp pleats. They have the greatest range of light and privacy control features of any of any window covering, and they insulate better than any window treatment available. Their distinctive honeycomb-shaped cell design traps air and creates a surprising layer of insulation for your windows. They are available in single cell or double cell honeycomb and several sizes from 3/8” to 3/4”. Double cell Honeycomb shades have two layers of air cells that deliver exceptional insulating properties. Wise Windows offers a broad selection of Honeycomb shades from Century Blinds with many color, texture, and light control options including light filtering translucent to blackout shades.

Take a look at our Honeycomb shades. If you value elegance and beauty you will find a shade to fit your interior and budget. You will like what you see and you will find something you like.

Roller Shades

Wise Windows Tinting and blindsFeatures of Roller Shades

• Versatile
• Contemporary Style
• Good Light Control
• Many Colors and Fabrics
• Several Custom Options
• Price Range ($$-$$$$)

Wise Windows Tinting and blindsRoller shades have a clean look and contemporary style that is always in fashion. Simplicity, affordability and style are why roller shades are popular in both residential and commercial settings. Roller shades are among the top choices in window coverings year after year. They are an easy way to add color, style and texture to interior space.

Roller shades are a popular and one of the best selling window treatments available. Practical, simple and affordable roller shades fit nearly every window in every room. From single family homes to multi story office structures, roller shades are an excellent choice. They look good and compliment, without dominating, the interior. Roller Shades go well wherever they are installed and easily match up with any décor.

Wise Windows Tinting and blindsRoller Shades are available in light filtering, room darkening and blackout fabrics depending on what level of light control you need. They are available in a large assortment of material types and designer fabrics. They vary in cost from affordable to pricey based on the fabric choice.

When choosing roller shades for your home or office consider the different openness of the screen fabric. The openness will affect the visibility and amount of light that passes through the shade.


Woven Wood Shades

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Features of Woven Wood Shades

• Warm Natural feel
• Good Light Control
• Many Fabrics and Options
• Good Privacy
• Price Range ($$-$$$$)

Woven Wood Shades have been a favored style for many years. Woven Wood Shades are less formal and bring more texture to a space than all other blinds. They are amazingly versatile and just as nice in a bedroom as a kitchen. Woven Wood Shades bring a warm welcoming element to any room with their textured wood tones. 

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsWoven Wood Shades create a casual, exotic, natural look and are a great way to add texture to a room. They are available in a variety of materials such as bamboo, grasses, and reeds, and the look of these shades can range from refined to rustic. Our woven woods are made of top quality materials, have a one year in-home repair warranty and come in a wide range of colors, styles and options. All Woven Wood Shades are light filtering, but most can be paired with a fabric liner and edge banding where room darkening is required.


Sheer Shades

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Features of Sheer Shades

• Elegant
• Soft Warm Character
• Good Privacy
• Good Light Control
• Custom Options Available
• Price Range ($$$$$)

Sheer Shades are the most elegant window covering on the market today. They are delicate, elegant and will improve the look of any room and complement any home décor. The beauty of the sheer shades is created by suspending horizontal vanes between two sheer fabric panels. The suspended vanes tilt to give you total light control, privacy, and room-darkening ability. These are the most exceptional shades in form and function.

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsIn the lowered position with the vanes open and you can enjoy soft natural light filtering through the fabric. The fabric diffuses the sunlight creating a rich, warm glow inside while still offering some privacy and views to the outside. Vienna Soft Sheers disappear into the head-rail when fully raised giving a completely unobstructed view. They are available in a wide variety of colors with a large selection of optional features. Everything about this shade is beautiful. The price reflects its beauty, elegance and sophistication.




Roman Shades

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds

Features of Roman Shades

• Soft Classic Style
• Unlimited Fabric Choices
• Good Privacy
• Price Range ($$$ - $$$$)

Roman Shades are fabric window treatments that are raised or lowered using a pull cord. Roman Shades combine the beauty of fabrics with the versatility and easy operation of a shade. They come in two main styles: flat shades and hobbled shades. Flat Roman shades have a sleek modern look, while the hobbled shade is more traditional and formal looking.

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsOne advantage of using Roman shades on your windows is their timeless style. Roman shades work well in most any setting. There are many choices in materials and patterns. A thoughtful fabric selection will extend the life of your shade by keeping it from becoming outdated too soon.

Roman Shades are elegant and add softness at the window. Roman shades fold into a stack of fabric at the top of the window when they are raised creating its own valance and eliminating the need for a separate top treatment. Roman Shades do not have vanes to tilt open or closed. They are either opened up or closed down, but you have the ability to raise them as much or as little as you like.