Residential Window Tinting

Wise Windows Tinting abd BlindsWindow Tinting:

  1. Decreases Heat
  2. Cuts Annoying Glare
  3. Increases Privacy
  4. Security
  5. Seismic Safety
  6. Improves Interior Comfort
  7. Reduces UV Rays 99.9%
  8. Slows Interior Fading
  9. Saves money

Solar Control window film, commonly referred to as window tinting, can provide greater interior comfort by eliminating more than 80% of unwanted heat energy entering a building through the windows resulting in greater interior comfort and proven energy and money savings. No other one-step product improves the energy efficiency of windows more than window film. Window film improves interior comfort, increases privacy and safety, reduces glare, and decreases unwanted heat. It will help protect your home’s interior from damaging UV Rays that fade furnishings, flooring and artwork and save you money on air conditioning cost.

Heat and Glare Reduction

Wise Windows Tinting abd BlindsWindow tinting reduces unwanted solar radiation from entering interior spaces.

The sun beats down on us daily in Southern California. In Inland Southern California high temperatures and harsh sunshine are normal. With year-round sunshine there are many days we battle excessive heat build up in our homes. We shut ourselves up in our homes behind drawn shades in a hopeless fight against heat and glare. Window film can help ease the pain of the sun’s heat and glare and the intensity of ultra violet radiation.

The Solution is Solar Control Window Film

Wise Windows Tinting abd BlindsSolar control window film is designed to reduce solar heat from entering buildings through the windows. It is the best solution for residential homes and commercial buildings that struggle against excessive levels of solar radiation. A window not treated with window tint can act like a magnifying glass and intensify the sun’s infrared rays. The solar heat entering the building can produce room temperatures well above average. Unwanted heat build-up can make rooms uncomfortable and can create considerable temperature imbalances. Uneven room temperatures cause A/C systems to work harder. Tinting your windows deflects the suns heat energy, glare, and damaging UV rays away from the interior protecting it from heat gain and eliminating interior hot spots. By adding window film to your windows your interior will be more comfortable and temperature differences between rooms will be more uniform.

Reduce Annoying Glare

Wise Windows Tinting abd BlindsGlare is one of the main reasons people choose window film. Along with heat, glare is a common problem in homes and businesses. Glare is reflected light that bounces off any flat surface including roads, sand, surrounding buildings, snow, or water. Glare is reduced immediately when window film is added to windows.

Wise Windows Tinting abd BlindsGlare causes eye strain and is why we wear sunglasses. It can make watching TV or working at a computer monitor difficult. Adding window film to your windows will reduce glare and lessen eye strain. Reducing glare will improve TV viewing and create a softer feel inside.

Window tinting gives you more options with regard to light control and heat reduction. Homes and businesses without film don’t have many options when it comes to light control. Look around next time you are out: House after house and office after office with blinds closed during the day to keep out excessive light and heat. The blinds are closed so workers can work at their computer or families can watch TV. Glare makes watching TV or viewing computer screens difficult. They want to reduce glare and keep excessive sun light out, so they close the blinds. With window film you can open your blinds and enjoy the view while still keep unwanted heat and glare out.

Wise Windows Tinting abd BlindsHaving the option of opening your blinds is another good reason to consider installing window film. When you’re at home you want to enjoy your surroundings. Glare and heat compel people to close their window coverings to try to make rooms more comfortable. Closing window coverings is not very good at reducing heat and has a limited effect on glare; it helps, but the trade off is eliminating your daytime view. Windows are great when you can look out through them and useless if you can’t. Having the option of opening your blinds to enjoy your view, while keeping out the heat, has value. With window film you have more options and can better utilize your windows to enjoy your daytime view while keeping out heat, reducing glare and virtually eliminating harmful UV Rays.

Window film works.



I see you but you can’t see me.

Solar Control Window Film The Privacy that comes with Window Film is a major added value and a main reason for some applications.

Everyone values privacy. It can help you keep your family and your property safe. A nice feature of window film is its ability to increase daytime privacy. The privacy feature of window tinting is a big additional benefit. Many customers choose window film primarily for privacy. If you value your privacy consider window film. There is nothing better to help you easily achieve remarkable daytime privacy.

Wise Windows Tinting abd BlindsSolar control window films are not primarily designed for privacy but for reflecting the sun's heat and harmful rays away from your interior. During the daytime, when it is bright outside, window film’s physical properties increase privacy. No one likes people looking into their house. You never know who might be looking and what their motives are. Keeping unwanted eyes from seeing into your home is an invaluable feature. No one wants neighbors, strangers or degenerates with less than noble motives looking into their home. Many solar control window films provide extraordinary daytime privacy. Depending on the film you choose, concerns about daytime privacy will vanish while still giving improved views to the outside. You can see them but they won’t see you, and that’s how it should be when you are in your own home.


Decorative Window Film

Decorative window films are designed for privacy and are also available from Wise Windows. These films are typically frosted, translucent or light filtering. Many have decorative or geometric pattern to obscure views through the glass. Black out film completely blocks light and visibility and white out film that blocks the view but still allow some light to pass through the glass are also available. There are matte finish films and matte finish solar control films that reject heat and obscure views. No matter what your need there is likely a window film to serve your needs for privacy.

Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds



Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsOur homes and offices are important to us. We want these places to be as safe as possible. We secure doors and windows with locks and alarm systems. We try to protect our children from dangerous chemicals and physical hazards. We take common sense approaches to improving home safety, but we don’t give too much consideration to one of the most potentially dangerous conditions in our homes – unprotected glass. Glass is so common that we forget how quickly and easily it can cause serious injuries.

The danger of injury from glass starts with the nature of the glass and not from any defect or design flaw. All glass is potentially hazardous with annealed glass being most dangerous. Most glass used in residential construction is annealed glass. Non-safety or annealed glass is responsible for thousands of serious injuries each year and many deaths. When annealed glass breaks, it breaks into perilous shards that can cause severe cuts and piercing injuries. Glass windows, doors and mirrors can instantly become dangerous and have the potential to cause serious injury.

Most serious glass related injuries can be avoided by adding a safety film. With the addition of safety film you can bring any window, mirror or door up to the same strength as tempered glass but with much greater safety properties. Some municipalities, such as Los Angeles, require that older glass doors be replaced or retrofitted with safety film when the property is sold. When glass treated with safety film breaks, the film holds the glass together protecting people and preventing shattered glass from scattering throughout your home or office. It is one of those things that you never need until you need it and then if you don’t have it you wish you had. It’s insurance without the never-ending premiums.

Seismic Safety

Earthquakes are a potentially serious threat to life and property. In Southern California we have been fortunate; we haven’t had the Big One. There have been a few quakes that have caused relatively little damage. When the 1906 San Francisco quake is still ranked as the most destructive – we should prepare ourselves for the Experts agree it is only a matter of time. Let’s hope it is a long time. When an earth quake of historic proportion hits most people won’t be ready. Even with all the aid and assistance, they are still recovering in Haiti. That earthquake took over 230,000 lives and injured over 300,000 many from broken glass. The most common injuries were cuts and piercings; injuries common with glass.

One of the most serious nonstructural potential dangers of earthquakes is glass breakage in the affected area. The shaking and twisting during an earthquake that does not cause the building to collapse, can still shatter the windows and create hazardous conditions during and after an earthquake. Safety film is a preventive measure against broken glass. Whether from the stresses of an earthquake or an intentional act of vandalism, safety film is a wise choice for providing increased protection from breakage.

The best way to improve earthquake preparedness is with window film. We offer clear and solar safety film. Solar safety film not only protects property from break-ins, earthquakes or other natural disaster, but also has the benefit of a solar control window film that will protect the office or home against heat and glare.