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Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds sells and installs custom made window coverings and premium window films. Our blinds, shades and shutters are made to measure to properly fit to your windows specific sizes. Our products will improve interior appearance, provide light control, privacy and reduce heat and glare. Whether it is a faux wood blind or custom wood shutter, all of our window coverings are excellent in quality, look and function and come in the most up to date patterns, fabrics and colors. If you need new window coverings or window film for your home, office or store front, we can help you get the right thing to fit your home or business environment.


Blinds and shades by Wise WindowsChoosing custom made window coverings is a wise decision. Custom made window treatments beat off-the-rack cut-down blinds in every way. Ready-made blinds from big retailers are low quality imports. They are not assembled with the same quality parts and materials as high quality custom blinds and they are not made to fit your window’s exact measurements. Cut-down blinds are cheaply made and look cheap. They wear out faster, don’t function as well and ultimately cost more money. Custom window coverings fit better, have higher quality interior parts, nicer valances and material that looks better and last longer. We only sell American made blinds from Century Blinds, Inc. Century Blinds are renowned for quality and made with the best components for smooth, long-lasting operation. When you buy custom made window coverings you can select options and specifications, many times, at no additional cost. Only custom made let’s you choose options when designing window coverings for your home’s interior.

Wise Windows Tinting, Blinds and ShadesWe’ve chosen our product lines based on quality, price and selection. There isn’t a better quality collection of window treatments or window films available anywhere at any price. We don’t carry every brand we only carry quality name brands. We have a full line of blinds, shades and shutters from elegant, energy efficient Honeycomb Shades and naturally beautiful Woven Wood Shades, stylish Roman Shades and premium hardwood shutters. We have a comprehensive collection of roller shade fabrics and screens with many custom options to choose from.

Please take a moment to review our selection of window coverings or simply call us now to schedule your free consultation. We make it easy by bringing samples to your home or office. Our carefully selected brand name window films and window coverings will complete your interior décor, improve light control, increase privacy and reduce fading and interior heat gain and glare at a fair price. They will enhance the look of your home or office and you will be happy with your new window treatments for many years to come.

Wise Windows Tinting, Blinds and Shades

Window Tint

The Amazing Benefits of Window Film

Window film reduces the harmful effects of the sun; it improves interior comfort, increases privacy and safety, reduces glare, blocks UV Rays and decreases unwanted heat. It will save you money on air conditioning and the cost of replacing sun damaged Wise Windows Tinting and Blindsproperty. There is no other one-step product that improves energy efficiency better than window film. Tinting your windows will help protect your interior from damaging UV Rays that fade furnishings, flooring and artwork. Simply install and enjoy.

Why Should I Install Window Film on My Home or Office Windows?

Window film is maintenance free and works year round keeping your interior cooler in summer and warmer in winter. There is no other one step product available that makes a bigger impact on interior comfort. The transformation takes place immediately. You will feel and see the difference as soon as the film is installed on the glass.

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsDollar for dollar window film is more efficient than any product available to reduce solar heat entering your building or home through the windows. No replacement window or low-e coating can compare to window tint. It can reduce as much as 84% of the solar energy and 99.9% of UV rays entering a building compared with untreated glass. It controls hot spots and cools sun-drenched areas of your interior. Nothing works better than window film to reduce unwanted heat and bothersome glare. By reducing heat entering through the windows you increase comfort and HVAC efficiency. When the A/C runs less you use less energy and reduce maintenance costs. Choose window film when you want to lower interior temperatures caused by too much sunlight.

Wise Windows Tinting and BlindsAn additional benefit of window tinting is the daytime privacy it provides. It can keep prying eyes out of your home, shop or office. If you want privacy there are many excellent films to give you the level of privacy you need.


Window film can act as a "safety net" to protect against the dangers of broken glass. Accidents, natural disasters and vandalism can turn a pane of glass into dangerous life-threatening shards in an instant. Window film can hold shattered glass together and help keep you safe from the dangers of broken glass.

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