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The Benefits of Window Tinting

• Reduces Heat
• Decreases Glare
• Increases Privacy
• Blocks 99% UV Rays
• And More

If you need to improve the interior comfort of your home or business window film is the answer. No other product improves interior comfort and energy efficiency more than window film. Some benefits of installing window tinting are: Reduce heat gain, decrease glare, improve daytime privacy and safety, save energy and money, and slow interior fading.

Heat Reduction

Window film for heat reductionSolar control window film is the best solution for residential homes and commercial buildings that endure heat gain. It protects interiors from the sun’s excessive energy that enters buildings through windows. Adding window film to your windows is the best and easiest way to block excessive heat. Unwanted solar heat can create imbalances in interior temperatures and make rooms uncomfortable. Window tinting rejects solar energy away from your interior protecting it against unwanted heat gain and hot spots. It balances interior temperatures so your heating and A/C systems will run less, perform better and make your rooms more comfortable.

Hot summer sun, high temperatures and blinding glare are normal and many times we feel the discomfort of excessive indoor heat and glare. Closing the blinds is hopeless in a fight against the sun; the best and easiest way to block the power of the suns intense heat and glare is window tinting.


Glare Reduction

Commercial Window Tinting by Wise Windows

Commercial Window Tinting by Wise Windows

Glare Reduction film by Wise Windows

Glare is a familiar problem in homes and businesses. It is one of the main reason people choose window film. Glare is reflected light that bounces off flat surfaces such as roads, walls, buildings, snow, sand, or water. Glare can cause eye strain and it’s the main reason we wear sunglasses. It can make working at a computer or watching TV challenging. Adding window film to your windows will reduce glare, soften interior light and lessen eye strain.

Windows are great when you can look out through them and useless if you can't. In house after house and office after office people try to block heat and glare by closing blinds to provide relief from the heat and glare. Window film gives you more options on how you can utilize your windows coverings to enjoy your daytime view and still block the unwanted heat and glare. It provides more light control than untreated windows and allows you the option of opening your blinds to enjoy your view and still keep the heat and glare out. Glare reduction is another good reason to install window film.


Energy Savings

Real wood blinds from Wise Windows

Window tinting is the most cost-effective, money-saving decision you can make. Solar control window film can block over 80% of the sun's energy from entering a building through windows. It reduces solar heat gain and the demand on your air conditioning system which saves money on energy and lower maintenance costs.

Maintaining consistent temperatures in commercial buildings and homes is challenging. Rooms can either be too hot or too cold. Whether you own a home or a building, whether you’re a maintenance manager or tenant, you know the difficulty of balancing interior temperatures. Window film helps balance interior temperatures which can be a source of discomfort and disputes over the thermostat.

Commercial Window Tinting by Wise Windows

Increase Privacy

Privacy Window Film by Wise Windows

Privacy is a major benefit of window film and a big reason why some people want it. Some people choose window film for privacy alone. While solar control window films are primarily designed for reflecting the sun's heat and harmful rays away from your interior many of them also provide daytime privacy. During the daytime window film's physical properties can provide great daytime privacy. Depending on the film you choose you can get outstanding daytime privacy along with an improved view and better balanced interior temperatures. If you value your privacy and value your view, choose window film and have both.




Improve Building Appearance

Commercial Window Tinting by Wise Windows  Commercial Window Tinting by Wise Windows

Window film can improve the overall look of your home or office building. Beyond reducing heat and glare and protecting interiors, it gives buildings a sleek, clean modern appearance. With a variety of film colors and shades to choose from you can be sure to find a film that fits your needs and enhances the exterior appearance and interior comfort of your home or office.

Decorative Window Film

Decorative Window Film by Wise Windows

Decorative films are primarily designed to create privacy. They are typically frosted, translucent, light filtering or opaque. You can get decorative films with gradient or geometric pattern. The most popular decorative films are Matte Translucent, Black Out, or White Out. Black out film blocks 100% of visible light and visibility; White Out film blocks the view but allows some light to pass through the glass. The Matte Translucent window film gives glass a frosted look. If you need privacy there are many window films that can meet your need.

Decorative Window Film by Wise Windows

Commercial Window Tinting

Anti-Graffiti Film

Roller Shades by Wise Windows

anti-graffiti film by Wise WindowsGraffiti vandalism is a costly problem. Glass, mirror, stainless steel and other costly surfaces are being destroyed and businesses incur losses from these crimes daily. Anti-graffiti film protects surfaces from vandalism and unintentional wear and tear damage. It is clear and nearly undetectable and can be used on most flat, nonporous surfaces including: Glass, mirror, store front windows, elevators, doors, schools, malls, trains, buses, bus shelters, display cases and more. It is fast and easy to remove and replaced and is inexpensive compared to replacement. It is the low cost solution and best way to protect your property from attacks on glass and mirror. Visit our website or call us 951-600-1515 for a free quote.



Safety and Security Film

Protection against Glass Breakage

Safety and Security Film by Wise Windows

We value our homes and offices and want them to be safe, but don't give much consideration to one of the most vulnerable and potentially dangerous conditions – unprotected glass. Glass is so common we forget how quickly and easily it can cause serious injuries when broken.

All glass is potentially hazardous and is responsible for thousands of serious injuries every year. The danger of injury starts with the nature of the glass not from any defect or design flaw. When it breaks it can become shards that can cause severe cuts and piercing injuries. Most serious glass related injuries can be avoided by adding safety film. Adding safety film to your windows can bring glass and mirror up to the strength of tempered glass but with much better safety properties. When glass that is coated with safety film is broken the film holds the glass together; the film protects people, and reduces the hazard of broken glass by keeping shattered glass from scattering.



Security Film

The Best Protection Against Robbery and Natural Disasters

Roller Shades by Wise Windows

Commercial, retail and residential properties can benefit greatly from installing safety and security film. Safety film bonds to glass and makes it much harder to break, and, in the event of breakage, the film prevents glass from scattering. These films protect people and property from the hazards of broken glass. Safety film is designed to protect people from glass related injury, and security film can help protect against injury and loss from attempted criminal break-ins through glass. Safety film comes in many thicknesses and there are also solar safety films that protect against break-ins, and provide the benefits of solar control window films too.

Security film can reduce the risk of loss from break-ins by reinforcing the glass and holding it securely to the frame with an attachment system. When a thief attempts to break a window protected by security film the broken window is held securely in the frame by the film and attachment system; the films adhesive holds the glass to the film and the attachment system holds the film and glass to the frame. You may never need security film, but if you have it, and it ever serves its purpose and prevents a break-in, you will save yourself from greater loss and hassle. Better a broken window with security film than the pain and inconvenience that come with being robbed.

Security Film by Wise Windows

Security Film by Wise Windows

A burglary occurs every 15 seconds in the United States. Recovery of stolen goods is very poor: Office equipment 6%, money 3%, and jewelry 4%. The loss of property, data and productivity is an even greater expense. If your store is robbed, it is unlikely you will recover your property. The lost productivity and hassle compound the loss. Video surveillance cameras and alarms are a negligible deterrent, rarely help catch a thief, and have recurring expenses.


"The best way to prevent intruders from gaining access
to your property is security window film."


Safty window film by Wise Windows

Saftey Film from Wise WindowsEarthquakes are a potentially serious threat to life and property. Shaking and twisting during an earthquake may not collapse the building but it can still shatter windows. A great danger from earthquakes is glass breakage and the most common injuries from earthquakes are cuts and piercing injuries from glass. Whether from the stresses of an earthquake, an intentional act of vandalism, or attempted break-in, safety film can provide protection from glass breakage.

Safety film comes in many thicknesses and there are solar safety films that protect against break-ins, and also have the benefit of solar control window film.


Increase Productivity

Solar control window film will make your workplace more comfortable and could lead to improved productivity. Excessive heat or glare and temperature imbalances can make the interior environment uncomfortable. When people are comfortable, they can better concentrate on their work. A comfortable work environment may increase employee productivity, lower your operating expenses and improve your bottom line.

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