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Custom Made Window Coverings

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Wise Windows: We make shopping easy with a line of custom window coverings from Superior Blinds and HT Window Fashions. It's easy to find anything you need right here: Custom wood shutters, roller shades, cellular shades, wood blinds, faux wood blinds, aluminum and vertical blinds. Call now for your free quote.

Custom Shutters from Wise Windows

Custom Wood Shutters

Features of Wood Shutters
• Furniture Quality Construction
• Custom-made in the USA
• Paint or Stain Match
• Price Range - $$$$-$$$$$

Wood Plantation Shutter from Wise Windows
Custom Wood Shutters from Wise Windows

Custom wood shutters are a luxury window covering considered by many to be the best of all window covering. They are loved for their rich warm appearance and it is said they have insulation value that saves energy and add value to a home. Energy savings or higher resale price may be a bonus, but the best reasons to get wood shutters are to achieve the look you want and enjoy the beauty they add to your home.

Nothing beats the look or feel of real wood shutters. We only sell premium quality, custom wood shutters manufactured in the USA. American made hardwood shutters are superior to all petroleum based plastic, polymer or composite resin faux shutters. Wood is superior to all other materials because wood is stronger in construction, lighter in weight and offers far more options than faux shutters. Our wood shutters are available with 2 ½”, 3 ½” and 4 ½” louvers, assorted frame styles, unlimited color options with paint or stain color matching and specialty shapes

Huge quality differences exist between faux-wood and real wood shutters. We do not sell poly shutters because none meet our quality standards. Faux shutters are visibly inferior in construction and appearance. They lack the structural integrity of real wood and cost as much or more than real wood. No price difference justifies the step down in quality.



Horizontal Blinds from Wise Windows

Horizontal Blinds - The Best Value in Window Coverings

Horizontal blinds are a top selling window coverings product. They are durable and affordable. The classic look complements any décor as a stand alone product or can be adorned with draperies or other fabric treatments to create impressive styles.

There are three types of horizontal blinds: Real wood, faux wood and aluminum. The real wood and faux wood blinds are identical except for the slat material and the number of support cords used to hold the slats in position. The poly material used in faux blinds is heavier than wood so they require more cords for support. Horizontal blinds are available in several slat sizes and materials. They come in sizes of 2”, 2 ½” or 3” width. Horizontal blinds give customers easy light control by rotating or lifting the slats to adjust the light entering a room. Residential and commercial customers alike choose horizontal blinds for appearance, durability, and value.

Real wood blinds from Wise Windows

Real Wood Blinds

Features of Wood Blinds

• Beauty of Natural Wood
• Available in Paint or Stain Colors
• Durable
• Price Range ($$-$$$)

The beauty of real wood blinds is the look and warm feel of wood. Being made from natural hardwood gives wood blinds a handsome unique look. The natural variations in markings, color, and texture are due to the nature of real wood. These are natural characteristics and add to the beauty and character of wood blinds.

Wood blinds are a classic window covering choice. Beautiful and durable; they are lightweight and come in a wide range of colors that compliment any room, interior design style and furnishings. Wood blinds are reasonably priced and can stand up to heavy usage. Slats come in 2”, 2 1/2” and 3” widths and a wide assortment of paint and stain colors. Two-inch blinds are the most popular size and are perfect for most window sizes in homes and offices. They provide good light control and privacy and come with a decorative valance. The slats are made of Basswood because of the attractive grain patterns, light weight, and paint and stain-ability. Fabric ladder tapes can be added to enhance the look and improve privacy and light control.

faux wood blinds from Wise Windows

Faux Wood Blinds

Features of Faux Wood Blinds

• Look of Real Wood Blinds
• Many Color and Style Choices
• Durable
• Price Range ($$)

Faux Wood blinds are a money saving alternative to real wood blinds. They cost less than wood blinds and give the look of wood at an affordable price. Faux wood blinds are a favorite for customers who want a classic look at a good price. Built with the same premium quality components used in real wood blinds, faux wood blinds are durable, neat and easy to clean. They are available 2”, or 2 ½” wide slats with many options in colors, textures and wood tones. The only differences between faux wood and real wood blinds is the material used for the slats and number of ladders used to support them. The slats are made of weather resistance poly material that weights more than wood so extra cords are used to support the additional weight.

Aluminum Blinds fromn Wise Windows

Aluminum Blinds

Features of Aluminum blinds

• Light Weight
• Excellent Light Control
• Many Color Choices
• Price Range – ($)

Aluminum blinds are a good choice when you need window coverings at an economical price. They have a classic, clean-lined look that works well in any room. Aluminum blinds are low cost, easy to clean and very durable. On their own or layered with drapery, they are an attractive treatment that you can count on for years to come. Aluminum blinds provide outstanding privacy and light control. They are light weight and offer dozens of color choices in either 1” or 2” slat sizes. With so many choices you will be sure to find a blind that is right for your home or office.

Vertical Blinds by Wise Windows

Vertical Blinds

Features of Vertical Blinds

• Excellent Light Control
• Outstanding Privacy Control
• Many Patterns and Colors
• Price Range ($-$$$)

Vertical blinds are a great choice for large windows in commercial buildings and windows and sliding doors in homes. Vertical blinds are versatile, reasonably priced, and provide excellent privacy and light control. When drawn open the vanes stack tight to the sides out of the line of sight providing a wide open view, or they can rotate to protect your privacy while blocking direct sun light that can damage your interior. They come in a wide range of vane patterns, materials, and colors that will allow you to find a blind that will look good in your home or office.



Roller Shades by Wise Windows  Woven Shades by Wise Windows

There are many types of shades: Roller Shades, Cellular Shades, Woven Wood, Roman and Sheer Shades. Shade designs are more decorative and fashionable than horizontal or vertical blinds. They have more option choices and can be very impressive. They are quite different than blinds or shutters. Shades are cost more than blinds because of the type materials, construction, and fabrics and that go into their making; the fabrics are softer and give rooms a rich, warm feel.  Take a look through our collection of beautiful window shades.

honeycomb shades by Wise Windows

Honeycomb Shades

Features of Honeycomb Shades

• Elegant Style
• Great Insulator
• Good Light Control
• Price Range ($$-$$$$)

Honeycomb Shades are soft, elegant and beauty - the perfect combination of grace and performance. They are among the prettiest window treatment you can buy. Attractive fabrics with sharp pleats are available in single or double cell with sizes ranging from 3/8” to 3/4”. They have a wide range of light and privacy control features. Honeycomb shades insulate better than any other shade. The distinctive honeycomb-shaped cells trap air and create a layer of insulation for your windows. Double cell Honeycomb shades have two layers of air cells that provide exceptional insulating properties. We have a great selection of Honeycomb Shades with colors, textures, and light control options to meet your needs. You will be sure to find a shade you like that will compliment your interior and fit your budget.

Roller Shades by Wise Windows

Roller Shades

Features of Roller Shades

• Contemporary Style
• Good Light Control
• Many Colors and Fabrics
• Price Range ($$-$$$$)

Roller shades have a clean, contemporary style that is always in fashion. They enhance and match with any décor without dominating interiors. From single family homes to multi story office buildings, roller shades are an excellent choice. They add color, style and texture and work great in nearly every setting. Roller Shades vary in cost based on the fabric and options you choose. They are available in a wide array of designer materials and fabrics. They come in screen, translucent light filtering, room darkening or blackout fabrics to accommodate all levels of light control and privacy.

Woven wood shades by Wise Windows

Woven Wood Shades

Features of Woven Wood Shades

• Warm Natural feel
• Good Light Control
• Many Fabrics and Options
• Price Range ($$-$$$$)

Woven Wood Shades bring a warm welcoming element to any room with their textured natural wood and reed materials. They can create a casual, exotic, natural look adding more texture to an interior than all other blinds. They are amazingly versatile and go great in any room from bedroom to kitchen. They are available in a variety of materials such as bamboo, grasses, and reeds that ranges in look from refined to rustic. Our woven woods are constructed of premium materials and come in a wide range of colors, styles and options. Woven Wood Shades are typically light filtering: However, most can be paired with a fabric liner and edge banding for greater privacy and room darkening when needed.

sheer shades from Wise Windows

Sheer Shades

Features of Sheer Shades

• Elegant
• Soft Warm Character
• Good Privacy
• Price Range ($$$$$)

Sheer Shades are a statement in window fashion. Elegant, delicate and stylish they dress up any room and complement any décor. The beauty of sheer shades is created by suspending horizontal vanes between two sheer fabric panels. The suspended vanes tilt to give you light control, privacy, and room-darkening ability. They are the most refined shades in form and function. In the lowered position with the vanes open and you can enjoy soft light filtering through the fabric. The sheer fabrics diffuse sunlight creating a warmth inside while providing privacy and views to the outside. Sheer Shades disappear into the head-rail when fully raised giving an unobstructed view. They are available in a wide array of colors with many optional features. Everything about these shades declares elegance, beauty, quality and sophistication.

Roman shades from wise Windows

Roman Shades

Features of Roman Shades

• Soft Classic Style
• Unlimited Fabric Choices
• Good Privacy
• Price Range ($$$ - $$$$)

Roman Shades are elegant and add fabric softness at the window. Roman shades style works well in most settings. They are fabric window treatments that are raised or lowered using a pull cord. They come in two styles: flat and hobbled. Flat shades have a sleek modern look, while hobbled shades are more traditional and formal. When they are raised Roman Shades fold into a stack of fabric at the top of the window creating its own valance eliminating the need for a separate top treatment. They are either opened up or closed down. You control privacy and light by positioning them as open or closed as you like. There are many choices in materials and patterns. Selecting the right fabric will keep your shades in style for many years to come.