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It has come to our attention that an individual by the name of Samuel Watson is falsely identifying himself as a representative of Wise Windows. We would like to take this opportunity to clarify that this individual is in no way associated with Wise Windows or any of its other brand names, including Wise Tint and Tagban Anti-graffiti film. As such, we strongly advise that all business entities refrain from engaging in any transactions with this person.

Please be aware that Wise Windows and its representatives will not be held liable for any financial or other losses incurred as a result of dealing with this individual. We urge all our esteemed clients and partners to exercise caution and due diligence when conducting business with anyone who claims to represent Wise Windows.

We appreciate your continued support and trust in our products and services. As always, we remain committed to providing you with the highest quality window film, as well as exceptional customer service.

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Finding the right window coverings and tinting is easy with Wise Windows Tinting & Blinds. Start today by calling or fill out our Contact form. Take advantage of our Same Day Service and Free Quote by Phone Text Email. Get expert advice, a free consultation and fast, free quote. You'll love the personal service. And you're sure to find the look you want at a price you like. Wise Windows Tinting & Blinds — The Best Decision You Can Make.

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Looking for window coverings or window tinting? Start today with help from Wise Windows Tinting and Blinds. Get the help you need to find the right window coverings and window tinting that will increase light control and privacy, slow interior fading, and decrease heat and glare. Working together to improve the appearance and comfort of your home or office is our pleasure; together we can make your interior look bright and new. Call us today for help with blinds, shades, shutters or window tinting. You'll like what we can help you do.

The best decision you can make for home or office window coverings and tinting is Wise Windows Tinting & Blinds. Get fast service in the Inland Empire on custom window coverings from Superior Blinds, Mfg and HT Window Fashion, and professional window films from Madico, 3M and Avery Dennison. Call now for same day service and free quote.

We offer a full line of custom window coverings from wood shutters, roller, cellular and panel track shades, to wood, faux wood, vertical and aluminum blinds. Made to measure custom window coverings have more options, features and upgrades that enhance their look and operation; many times, at no additional cost. Custom window coverings will add beauty and warmth to your interior. No matter what style or brand you choose, you'll get quality window coverings, built to last, from Wise Windows.

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The best decision you can make to improve interior comfort an energy efficiency is tp install window tinting. When you tint your windows you'll see and feel the difference immediately. Nothing works better to balance interior temperatures or improve comfort and energy efficiency for less money. Window film starts working immediately to block unwanted heat, light and UV Rays. It prevents heat from entering or exiting through the windows and can reduce the solar energy entering windows by as much as 84%. It cools hot spots and shades sun lit interiors helping your air conditioner run less in summer. It also stops heat loss through your windows in winter helping your heater to run less and saves you money all year round. It can cut glare by as much as 93% and slows interior fading by blocking UV Rays. Many films can also provide daytime privacy by preventing people from seeing into your home or office. Another great benefit of window film is that it is maintenance free! No other one step product does so much for less money and requires so little care as window film.

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Benefits of Window Tinting

  • Reduces Unwanted Heat
  • Reduces Annoying Glare
  • Increases Daytime Privacy
  • Blocks UV Rays
  • Slows Interior Fading
  • Saves Money
  • Saves Energy
  • Tinting is Maintenance Free!

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